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We are the knight and armor who work only to safeguard your kids. We aim to provide total security to your child without interfering their personal space. Leave everything on us so you can concentrate on your work and your child can learn new things in a safe environment.


None of our staff has even the slightest mindset of discrimination. We hire people who have a broader perspective on the value of life and respect your name, culture, and origin as equally as they respect our organization.

Protective Services Mission Team

MARIA J. SMITHChild Welfare System
My team strives to build the best possible system to assist your child with the most advances learning methods. We believe a proper understanding between you and us can complement the welfare of your child.
LEO C. TIMPSODepartment Of Child Safety
Nothing comes above the safety of your child for us. Our security’s priority will always be to provide a safe surrounding for your child and never let them feel insecure around unfamiliar faces.
JERI C. JASIKAFamily Services
We aim to create a better lifestyle for both parents and their children. We want the families who take our program to help us to help them understand each other and find common ground for all kinds of problems and their solutions.

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Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors to Buy in 2019

Hardwood for flooring has never failed to lend opulence to the most unembellished and nondescript houses. However, as much of an aesthetic aura they emanate, they are equally hard to take care of. These kinds of floors are immune to the painstaking yet futile scrubs done with the poor traditional broom. Think of it as the bright red Converse shoes you’d have bought, which, after a time, achromatize and lose their vivacity which they exhibited not a week ago. To address this simple yet persistent problem, we’ve gone out of the way to bring you the only best solutions to this quandary you’re in.

  1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro Nv356e

This vacuum cleaner stays true to its name, and navigates around hardwood like a ravenous predator in search of its prey. This one comes with a brush roll shut-off, which essentially enables you to pervade on carpets, too. It’s called Life-Away because it adumbrates the action of lifting off the head from the canister for you to discard the waste.

  1. Hoover Linx Bh50010

This brand has garnered quite some attention, and has established a reputation over the years, appearing numerous times on places like squiffyclean.com. Among the various areas it excels in, its most prominent feature is that it is cordless, and is powered by rechargeable Li-ion batteries. A common misconception about this product that can be brushed aside (pun intended) is that the suction power of the cleaner is not proportional to the charge it has left. A little indicator apprises you of the power left in it.

  1. Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum

One look at this one would tell you that it was designed for users who have a hard time reaching into the nooks and crannies for cleaning. However, let its size not fool you, because this one packs in a massive 1200W Miele-Made Vortex motor with a 6-speed setting, guaranteed to make massive swabs on the hardwood.

  1. Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum

This comes off as one of the best stick vacuum cleaner there ever was. If you are an ailurophile and/or just someone who loves all animals equally and have one of them, this should be included as one of your pet’s essentials, because it extirpates pet hair quite without effort. Many retailers, including the ones at https://www.squiffyclean.com/best-vacuum-cleaners-pet-hair/ reaffirm to this fact. If you remove the stick, lo and behold! you get yourself a handheld vacuum cleaner for spot-cleaning.


  1. iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

This one can come off a little creepy and at times, might seem to have a mind of its own. By the time you check this article, it’d already have cleaned half the floor. A self-explanatory product, all this one needs is the push of a button and voila! the house is spic-and-span by the time you come home from office. This robot navigates and maps the areas accessible to it around the house and imprints in its memory. It comes integrated with Alexa and responds to Wi-Fi connections. If it exhausts its power while cleaning, it promptly recharges itself and then gets back to where it had left cleaning.




Important Information About Child Protective Services

Mental health disorder and use of substance are recognized as risk factors where children can either be neglected or get abused. Whenever a child treatment allegations are made, Child Protective Services (CPS) responds and take action against the parents or the guardian. To determine the safety of the child, a caseworker carries out an investigation which might include measuring the sources of income, substance abuse and mental health depending on the reports filed. The following information is important to guardians or parents who are dealing with child protective services for suspected neglect or child abuse:

1. The rights CPS have to interview the child

The case worker working for CPS has the right to conduct all the necessary investigations including interviewing the child without permission from the parent. The investigation process can be conducted from anywhere if at all it’s convenient and comfortable for the child. However, after interviewing the child, the caseworker should notify the parent or caregiver that he/she has interviewed the child about abuse or neglect.

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2. Police involvement

The allegations about child abuse or neglect may reach the police first who then inform the CPS about the case. Therefore, when the police are informed first, they can get involved by informing relevant authorities. However, if the police are concerned about the safety of the child or the caseworker during the investigation, they can intervene to take the child into a protective custody or provide security to the caseworker.

3. Protective custody

In case a child has been seriously neglected or harmed in any way, a police officer can take the child in a police custody for a period of 72 hours. This is done to ensure that the child is under care and protection at the time. Within the 72 hours, a court hearing is held and the custody is then transferred to CPS. CPS workers assess the situation and determine whether the child will be placed with a relative or to a licensed foster home.

4. Shelter care hearing

This type of hearing is held for the parents of the child suspected to be neglected or abused to explain to the court why their child should be allowed to continue living in their home. This is after allegations have been made that the child is facing abuse or neglect from the parents or third party. The parents may lose the custody of their child if they are not able to convince the court why they should keep their child.


5. Services available in CPS offers a range of services to both the parents and the community


Most of these services are free of charge while other services might be offered by CPS to the community where the family lives in. Here are some of the services offered by CPS:


  • Mental and health services• Home support and childcare• Employment and transport• Legal services• Housing, clothing, food and limited financial support• Domestic violence programs• Alcohol abuse and drugs programs• Family planning and parenting• Family and marital counseling


Children may receive both in-home and out-of-home services depending on their circumstances and location. However, after the child has been placed in foster care, the court is supposed to hold a permanency hearing within a year to determine a permanent residence plan for the child.

Parent and Child Awareness Program

Join our workshops and gathering to teach and learn new ways to understand the needs of your child better. Get to know from the experts about the issues faced by parents while providing safety to their kids and how to overcome the situations which arises problems.


Services are provided to all families in need regardless of sex or handicap.